Meet The Buzz Lab

We don’t sell videos… We are award winning filmmakers who specialize in translating complex business strategy into visually compelling stories. After all, no one wants to watch a talking head.

We Don’t Sell Videos

What do you want your customers to know about your business? How should it feel? How should it sound? What are your values and why should we care? A well executed profile video can convey all of these things and serve to strengthen your brand overall.

Is your company a pioneer in thought leadership and social innovation? We create video content that tell the story of your companies vision.

Today’s consumer expects visual content. In order to get your product or service to your audience, we need to distill you message into interesting and watchable video. Rather than just focusing on listing off features, we attempt to create an overall storyline that walks us through a real life scenario. In this way, we can quickly move away from the abstract into a watchable/relatable video that viewers can quickly understand.

Make your event something people anticipate and remember. Not only do we create visually compelling content to be shown at events, we cover events live on-the-ground and create memorable wrap up videos to be shown at the events close.

Who are you? What is your company culture? Why work for you? We help create videos that go beyond the “here’s our cool ping pong table” really help those who are looking to work with you understand what you stand for.